Purchase and Sale of Used Instruments

specialist workshop for brass instrument manufacture


Services of the Tubadoc

instrument beforeThe range of my services includes everything from changing the water key cork to a general overhaul plus varnishing, for example:

  • Modifications
  • Dent repair/removal
  • Trigger-Installation (sound adjustment)
  • Manufacture of parts with traditional craftsmanship
  • Overhaul of the machine
  • Polishing work
  • Purchase and sale of used instruments



disassembled instrumentRepair works are offered to the following extent:

1. General overhaul with varnishing/silver plating*

  • The instrument is taken apart completely and chemically cleaned.
  • All buckles and dents are removed with skill and care.
  • Any faulty soldering points or seams are repaired.
  • All slides are loosened and made to run freely.
  • Water key gaskets, valves and valve felts are replaced.
  • The machine is completely overhauled.
  • The instrument is polished to a high finish.

In the end the instrument is returned to you in mint condition!

general overhauled instrument

2. Partial overhaul / small revisions

  • Immediately apparent defects are removed.
  • The valves are checked and made to run well.
  • A general check-up and cleaning are carried out.


3. Overhaul of the machine

  • Perinet/rotary machine is overhauled exclusively
  • Cleaning

*Lacquering/silver plating/gilding/electro-plating is done by outside partners


Price List 2018/2019

The actual price can only be estimated after assessment of the instrument and may therefore deviate slightly.

All prices are net values and include lacquering or varnish removal in Euros, plus shipping and packaging.


  Trumpet/Flugelhorn 412,98 €
  French horn 630,34 €
  Double horn 789,89 €
  Tenor horn/Baritone horn, 3 valves 706,42 €
  Tenor horn/Baritone horn, 4 valves 760,76 €
  Tenor Trombone with thumb-valve 648,96 €
  Tuba, 4 valves 1.738,88 €
  Tuba, 5 and 6 valves 1.956,24 €
  Kaiser Tuba 2.390,96 €