Purchase and Sale of Used Instruments

specialist workshop for brass instrument manufacture


The Tubadoc – a short introduction

In 1992, my great interest in the manufacture of musical instruments and my enjoyment of skilled manual work led me to the Vogtland region known as the “musical corner”, a region in Saxony with a centuries-old tradition in the manufacture of instruments.

Abschluss der MeisterausbildungHere I began my apprenticeship with the B&S GmbH Markneukirchen-Klingenthal, where I finished my training after three years and was immediately employed as a journeyman.

After three more years of professional experience, I finished my advanced training at the technical college Fachhochschule für Musik und Kunst Zwickau, Markneukirchen branch, in 1998. One year later I received my master craftsman’s diploma in the manufacture of brass instruments. To this day I work at the tuba department of B&S GmbH/Buffet-Group Germany, specializing in installation and assembly.

The interest I began with turned into passion, and my deep connection to instrument manufacture gave me the idea to offer my experience and know-how in the restoration and repair of brass instruments to a wider audience as the „Tubadoc“.


A Look Inside the Workshop